posted March 5th, 2011, 10:12 pm

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March 5th, 2011, 10:16 pm


The original for the bromance and sismance page. Promised I'll upload it didn't I? :D I'd done the drafts and script for chapter 3, all together 31 pages, and it's going to be a zero action chapter. Gonna try to play with the angles and composition to make it more fun to read, so I guess you could say the drafts are totally finalized. And if anyone hasn't noticed, the banner for the comic has been changed for quiet a while now :D and yeah....I plan things on the go. Though key events are already planned, I just hope I don't screw up the continuity due to this. I should start scripting the future chapters much more sooner.

Then I have also made a topwebcomics button there next to the "comic ranks." It's been there for a while now, not sure what I do now though. Incentives? I guess I should draw something or put something there for the voters right? Do vote for me still! :) I'll put up things soon enough!

oh, and a little fun fact; if you search around Smack Jeeves, there's another version of Knight's Requiem, one that I'd worked on when I was way younger. This is a reboot, Mindy is the name that Elaine used to have in the previous comic, and as for Lin Fa? She used to be a half japanese named Megumi.

@Mayelv - I like Victoria quite a bunch too :D You might like her more when you hear her full name soon.

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